The Dessert That Wrecked My Diet

Last weekend I experimented with what appeared to be an easy recipe, Chocolate Covered Almond Toffee. I think most would agree that a recipe should be straight forward with no errors included. Admittedly, my focus was split between watching Texas A&M football and following the recipe, but I tend to go slow because I always cook this way (watching golf, football, basketball or a tv drama perhaps). If the recipe shows an amount of time for preparation, I add at least an hour. Hey, it’s my hobby, not my job.

At any rate, the food bloggers get a bit verbose, as do I, but there is always a story with me. This particular recipe author said to use wax paper to pour the Toffee on, then refrigerate until it sets up. I just wasn’t thinking about mistakes; that this could be one, so I did as instructed. One problem. Wax paper sticks to toffee like glue. What she meant to use, which was in the 2 photos was Parchment Paper!

She also had a picture of the finished product in a 12×17 inch pan, but the other picture with the recipe was of an 8×8 inch pan atop parchment paper both times. I used a 12×17 inch pan and came up short with product resulting in a mess. An edible mess, but a mess that included wax paper digestion with each bite.

Since it was a three-day holiday, I made a double recipe the following day and was rewarded with an excellent finished product in a 12×17 inch pan. Wickedly tasty, too, without a hint of wax paper this time. Monday, I shared with my mother-in-law. On Tuesday, I shared some chunks with friends and by Tuesday evening, I knew I had to share the remainder or gain 5 pounds, so Wednesday, I shared with my wife’s office staff. The Tuesday group loved it, as did my mom-in-law because she gave the empty container to my wife, but not a peep from the office staff. Different times, different strokes. No soup for them!

The recipe is extremely easy with the exceptions noted above, and if you’d like me to share that with you, just holler. I consider the dessert partially healthy in that dark chocolate and raw almonds were used. The toffee offsets a trifle, but hey, life is short. No malarkey there. Peace, y’all.

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